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adding fat/preg morphs to Aelia's okgirl for Jenga_jane

adding geldyh's boots to nude bottom for Girlk

psychosim's request for male version of bowling shirt liberated

completed and posted

pinketmine adding morphs to geldyh's capris mesh

completed and posted

Bunhead's request for some mesh edits

completed and posted

Personal WIP Making various vintage/retro meshes using mostly EA parts so I can start my Stepford Housewives Hood. Sort of Mid Century parallel universe type of thing. It's a convoluted idea and once I find the write up for it I'll post the blather somewhere.

TL:DR if you have ideas or thoughts on vintage/retro stuff, say mid 40's- early 90's leave a comment/links/pics.

Liberating YAM/YAF Letterman Jackets for top on and also making a fullbody decent mesh for outerwear.   

Completed Male version & posted

Doing the HM/BV crop jacket as top only making bottom fit with most pants smoothly
making a full body mesh with slacks/adding decent shoes to original mesh. ( I hate EAxis boat shoes) 

Top only completed and posted

untuckable top now posted

Working on Dancer body shape for GOS theme, along with full selection of outfits. On hold

Recoloring HM button Dress with chucks/flats meshes by me. Completed & posted

Hacking up various Children meshes and Object recolors mostly Maxis/ Match furnishings for my exclusively for my DW.

Guidelines for Requests

Please submit a picture hosted in your own hosting, please no bandwidth theft, and links to the parts you want incorporated. If it's by an Creator that doesn't allow altering of their meshes please get in touch with me and we can contact the creator and ask together. If you are a GoSling then you can post in the wishing tree and just put a link here. I can't really think of any thing else, but basically be polite and respectful. I do sometimes lose my will to create and when I do I'll close this thread and reopen it when I get it back. Finally if your request is difficult or fiddly then please realize that I may do easier smaller ones to relieve stress or think things through. It's just how I work. I will try to let you know that is what's happening however.

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