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The good news first: I got my mojo back, thanks to CuriousB in a round about way. Now the bad news, I still make very crappy textures. The halp part, I need someone to make some textures, in the sort of Maxis Match way, not exactly Maxis, but definitely no photo skinning. I hope that doesn't sound rude :/. I have 9 meshes in all, and I really worked hard on the UV maps which should make them easy-ish to recolor. Anyone that wants to help please leave a comment or message me, as thanks I will do a nice gift for you including any clothing meshes requests you have. Thanks for reading.

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If you have ever used on of FFS hacks, downloaded from the booty or been a member on a site that Pescado saved (IS/A) anyone. Or if you like the idea of a baby bar-b-q. Please go right over to MATY and donate what you can. Find out more here. or to go straight to donate click on the picture below.

Thanks from a person whose game wouldn't be the same with out the talent on those sites.

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I know it's been really quiet here, and I feel that I need to make a sort formal announcement. Not that I think people care, but I didn't feel right just fading away with out a word. There's no need to reply or anything like that, again it just doesn't feel right just disappearing. I'll still be around on GoS, MtS and ISA, just not active.

I'm taking a sort of hiatus from Simming for a while. How long, I really don't know. It's not something that anyone has done or anything like that. I just seem to have lost steam. I open milkshape and/or the game and all I feel is bleeeehhhhh. I can't seem to find it in me to make anything any more. I hope my muse/inspiration/drive comes back because it was fun. It's not fun anymore. My toys are where they are to stay and in the coming time I will try to get some sort of link repository done, as well as back ups to everything. I also have quite a few things done that I've not released because I'm not really pleased with them at another glance. However if anyone wants them (namely the bodyshape stuff) then drop a line and I'll send you a link to mess that is a folder. I really appreciate the community for the support and companionship over the years, you guys made my life bearable and I'm grateful for that. To all the CC makers you've made my game great and the best time suck of all time. :)

Love you TS community
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I'm working on my journal style, trying to find something to settle on. I don't know css, but I'm taking it this coming semester so please bear with me.

I've linked my LJ account so I can cross post there too, in the coming days I'm going to resizing pictures, moving content from my various other journals/blogs and generally trying to consolidate my web presence. WIP type stuff will be now be posted on the tumblr account. Digitaldollies also will have a google+ account which I'll try to get setup this week for those that have one and you want to add it to your circle, or a Facebook which would you all prefer. However any cc that is actually completed will be here.

Beneath the cut are some other housekeeping/ organization type info that you really don't have to worry about unless you want to.
* )

Disclaimer: Some, none or very little of this may not get done, I'm very forgetful and easily distracted. Hopefully putting this in writing will shame me into to doing all of this. :)

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Okay so yep, RL stuff is happening again. I'm taking a double load for summer and I've started the new job. (Yes, I keep saying it, I'm happy)

I'll probably not be releasing anything until mid August except for GoS' CiJ event. I'll be around as I can, but don't expect much.


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