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I know I said I'd try to post the Marvine Bouncy Dancer Shape this weekend and I still may, but I can't stop making meshes. Here's a quick preview of 2 of my most favorite ones.

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I've been promising the meshes to an awesome creator and writer over at BAS, so I decided to post some proof of life pics up. These are for you goodNgone.

Xandher's Dainty Textures on a conversion of Aquilegia Petals and Geldyh Pinup Capris

my own texture on the same petals skirt this one has the lara sandals || Untucked top and bootcut jean bottom
|| a Bruno texture on an Untucnked top and the cropped jeans w/boho sandals || a conversion of Geldyh's alpha top and skinny jeans and  flats.


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Yes, I know I'm running late. The body shape project is shelved until I have time to rebuild from the bottom up. It will get done, but not in time for the theme.

To see the highwaist trousers in game view the slide show HERE

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So with the help of Amaryll, and some awesome tutorials by CatofEvil Genuis, Geldyh and VanitydeMise I've made my first true alpha mesh. I've done some limited in game testing, however I'm working on my project for GOS' monthly theme so I'm going to come back to this when that is done. Here's the in game testing screen caps. I think that most of the clipping is the shoulders and breast area. At some angles it clips around the preg belly.

Please don't be scared of the floating belly, I didn't have any maternity bottoms in game at that time.

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I know that I'd said that I was stepping away from the computer for a bit, however it was truly irking me that I couldn't get the tee shirt mesh working. So I attacked it yet again and I'm pleased with the end results. I still have to match the waist lines to the fat and preg morphs, . But this is the comparision of the undies mesh (to the right)  of the default of the shape. Once I get them matched I think it will go faster. My goal is to have something in every category by the month's end. I'll of course be adding to the selection. As usual forgive the crappy pics.

Progress pics under link )

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