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The good news first: I got my mojo back, thanks to CuriousB in a round about way. Now the bad news, I still make very crappy textures. The halp part, I need someone to make some textures, in the sort of Maxis Match way, not exactly Maxis, but definitely no photo skinning. I hope that doesn't sound rude :/. I have 9 meshes in all, and I really worked hard on the UV maps which should make them easy-ish to recolor. Anyone that wants to help please leave a comment or message me, as thanks I will do a nice gift for you including any clothing meshes requests you have. Thanks for reading.

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OK, here's the deal I've gone mad with meshing and trying to do decent textures for 4 body shapes. I still have two more on board to do. However I need to  get some help if I'm going to be able to release these any time soon. I start summer classes next week and a job Wednesday. YAY me, finally got a job again. Under the cut is a signup sheet type thing and more blather than you probably want to read. I just needed to get it up, before I give up.

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I'm really falling in love with the vintage look and I think it ties in well with the thrift/shabby chic theme of my current game. Now I'm working on a shirt waist dress and AlfredAskew sent me a link to this amazing site with the most glorious shoes I've ever seen. Now I must mesh them.

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Basically I keep uploading incorrect files, the last 3 or 4 times, it looks great in my game, but doesn't work well in others. So what I'd like is someone that is willing to download and check out in their game or Bodsyhop to insure it works as stated.

Thanks so much,


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