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OK, here's the deal I've gone mad with meshing and trying to do decent textures for 4 body shapes. I still have two more on board to do. However I need to  get some help if I'm going to be able to release these any time soon. I start summer classes next week and a job Wednesday. YAY me, finally got a job again. Under the cut is a signup sheet type thing and more blather than you probably want to read. I just needed to get it up, before I give up.

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I refuse to post all of the madness this one mesh caused me. I will just say thanks so much to Sevenskellington who requested this one and Amaryll who gave me the idea and instructions on how to do this project. She also pointed me in the direction of the tutorial from Geldyh.

Many things happened but at the end of it all I have this. As usual the downloads include the UVmaps and texture layers. And still with the bodyshop pictures, I'm finishing up the HM button dresses so that I can go in game and get pictures. Tonight.

I'm so sorry that I uploaded the wrong mesh. For anyone that grabbed the one before 11:28 pm on 1/18/2011 please get this one. I'm sorry again. 

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