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Okay, so I'm loving that Sentate is back and with a new mesh. However I wasn't too keen on the ankle boots. I was going to slap his slouchy boots from the Cassandra Goth mini collection on it for my personal use. However when CuriousB asked for Geldyh's wedges to be put on it, I was like okay but someone else is doing that one for her. I offered her my boots version and she was like yeah.  BTW the converse version has me wanting to recolor it like mad. Somebody stop me.

So I finished it, but I'm in the middle of another 2 other projects and don't want to start up my game to get pics of just this one. So yeah, you get crappy Bodyshop pictures again. Also, also you get bonus download of the other project I completed the meshes for but not the textures. Pics and links this way... )

DOWN LOAD Bohemian Rhapsody

It's Like A Flash Back

Okay I did another request to add migamoo's chucks and amaryll's flats to EAxis HM button dress, which I love but the shoes are a buzz kill. And my motto is the chucks make everything better.

I've actually decided to retexture these so I don't really have any pictures up yet, this is reason why I'm waiting to start the game but I do have the shot I shared in the Show Your Creations Thread. I kinda live there now.

 If you can do better at the textures which almost everyone can you can snag the meshes, test textures along with the  UVMaps
 or you can grab my textures of the dresses with flats/chucks
Bespectacled requested that Cosette's Nancy and English house texture be copy pasta'd on this mesh.
pinketamine fulfilled her request as well as doing her version that is jewelery-less and for tf-ef at her DW

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I've played with this long enough, so I figured it was time to post these up here. What I've done was use the games texture as a base and Cosette's textures from  her Nancy set for details, and Aquilegia's linen overlay. I've also went into my files of patterns from Colourlovers , so brace yourself for some brights.

Updated with correct textures for Flats[Dogs] on 2-22-11

An anon let me know that two of the textures were showing up funky, and not in a good way. It's all fixed now.

Thanks Anon.

Downloads and pics this way... )
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I refuse to post all of the madness this one mesh caused me. I will just say thanks so much to Sevenskellington who requested this one and Amaryll who gave me the idea and instructions on how to do this project. She also pointed me in the direction of the tutorial from Geldyh.

Many things happened but at the end of it all I have this. As usual the downloads include the UVmaps and texture layers. And still with the bodyshop pictures, I'm finishing up the HM button dresses so that I can go in game and get pictures. Tonight.

I'm so sorry that I uploaded the wrong mesh. For anyone that grabbed the one before 11:28 pm on 1/18/2011 please get this one. I'm sorry again. 

Other pictures and information... )
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UPDATED 1-7-2011

I'm so sorry to everyone that downloaded the dresses prior to 1/7/2011. Thanks to simtarts I found out the I had switched the names of 2 of the sets: low chucks and bow blockfeet.
I updated the individual files as well as the file with them all inside.

A while back I filled a request to put block feet on the AL Party dress, while I was at it I realized that it was a cute little dress. Me being me, I had to snatch off the bow and put chucks on it as well as Amaryll's flats. At that point the project kinda got shelved, then when I was cleaning off my desktop I found it and asked if someone would recolor the dresses. Lillany volunteered, but she was having PC problems at that time so a while went by and then I got these gorgeous recolors in my inbox. When I looked at the pictures I saw that I needed to clean up the meshes a little better, and hey why not add a preg morph. After an intense milkshape session and lots of help from the Show Your Creations thread at GOS . I managed to come up with a pregmorph on the dresses with low chucks and Amaryll's flats. I do plan on offering a default replacement of the game's maternity mesh. I don't know how long it will take, and I wanted to get these up, before I forgot them again :)

Credits to EAxis for the original mesh and the chucks, Amaryll for the flats and Lillany for the stunning textures, swatch and better pictures than mine. :)


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