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I was super stoked when I got Sheena(vintagecat) as my giftee because I love her playing style and I thought it would give me a chance to make some recolors of some the forgotten meshes from EA. Of course being me I also HAD to do some clothing meshes, but instead of just doing the ladies I wanted to do something for the sprogs too since there's not a whole lot out there that I play with. So under the cut are a few pictures of the gifts, a link to GOS CiJ thread, which btw is chock full of awesome, and a link to a slide show of all the gifts.
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Ummm, okay so I've done these but I really didn't do much of the hard work. But as it says on the tin Nouk_Ghani skinnies, Converted by Callie and proper morphs done by Aquilegia. ( insert a pause here) Chucks added by me to AF/TF version and TF versions textured referenced  by CuriousB. Speaking of CuriousB the downloads is there. I just wanted to put it here ( mainly 'cause she told me to ;))

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Under the cut are 3/4 requests that I've completed. Along with a few pictures of my current personal project for the vintage/retro 'hood I'm working on.

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I've played with this long enough, so I figured it was time to post these up here. What I've done was use the games texture as a base and Cosette's textures from  her Nancy set for details, and Aquilegia's linen overlay. I've also went into my files of patterns from Colourlovers , so brace yourself for some brights.

Updated with correct textures for Flats[Dogs] on 2-22-11

An anon let me know that two of the textures were showing up funky, and not in a good way. It's all fixed now.

Thanks Anon.

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**JaRo_KneeSkirt_MS (D)**

pumps || wedges

black – charcoal – dark gray – espresso – light gray

A quick heads up, the boots had a crack in the back, I fixed up and I put it back up. NL _CoatBoots_Fixed

Today I've come with a few pieces that don't go together in any sense really, but I did see a theme of old time style in these, hence the name.

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