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 More TSR Fuckwittery !?!

As some of you may know GOS along with several other known free site supporters has been hacked in extremely recent days. There is a thread of ongoing attempts/ success where this is being kept up to date.

My question to the community is how long does this guerrilla warfare continue. How is it that T$R and/or ThomASS are still around and able to fuck with others' sites with no reprisal? I say it's time to light the torches and the angry mob to storm the castle gates.   Almost everyday another free site offering far better CC is destroyed by the leader of the craptasic T$R. We as a community must stand up and desist all neutral/ positive interaction with them. The grain of sand approach is clearly not working. It would be very different if they stayed on their side of the fence and left us alone, however like a ignorant 6 he/they continues to poke at the free sites every chance they get. How about we retaliate instead of just being outraged. I'm sure that with all the wonderful minds of the FREE community we can come up with something. How long do they continue to leech from this community with impunity , and go along on their havoc wreaking merry way ?

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Thomas of T$R is up to his shenanigans again. Adele's site has been hacked. I have 3 words for that FUCK YOU THOMAS!!!

Oh yeah, another three words: Support the Booty.

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