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I was super stoked when I got Sheena(vintagecat) as my giftee because I love her playing style and I thought it would give me a chance to make some recolors of some the forgotten meshes from EA. Of course being me I also HAD to do some clothing meshes, but instead of just doing the ladies I wanted to do something for the sprogs too since there's not a whole lot out there that I play with. So under the cut are a few pictures of the gifts, a link to GOS CiJ thread, which btw is chock full of awesome, and a link to a slide show of all the gifts.
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So this month has been busy for me and I've been creating quite a bit and learning as I go. These 2 projects are the results of a lot of my sleepless nights, migraines from banging my head against my desk, and other not so pleasant processes.

About the sets I recolored Sims2Play's Hansen Set, Jonesi's Blankets and Holy Simoly's Curtain and BedSkirt, along with a few recolors of the BV poster for my Secret Santa giftee @ GOS EA Poe. Then for the Kitchen Crazy/World of Fiction theme also @ GOS I recolored the Tea Party in Teak chair,Sims2Play's Inosign Curtain,Nengi65's Big Rug, the Grilled Cheese Poster from NightLife, and the Grilled Square ( A square version of the Grilled Cheese Poster) by GraveRobber for the GOS Advent Calendar. Enough talking you say, on with pictures. Okay, okay, okay.

Swatches and more photos HERE

For more information go HERE


For more pictures and swatches click HERE

For more information go HERE

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