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I work from home and my simming PC is the one I use as it' is the only one I have. I had been having some systemic issues according to my job's help desk and they kept screwing with things and basically took over control of my computer. I kept trying to explain that I'm pretty savvy and if you let me know what to do I can do it. But apparently women aren't computer literate.

Long story short my registry was screwed up and no matter what I tried I couldn't get anything to work. I did a system restore after trying everything else I could think of. I really didn't mind because my external backs up everything 3 times a week. Or so I thought, apparently he disabled all my usb ports in device manager and my external wasn't even connected.

I lost everything I'd worked on for oh say the last 2 weeks. Which means that I get to rebuild my vintage meshes. I can't find my back ups of any thing either possibly because I've done a spring cleaning of my PC.  I've not been a happy camper since yesterday.

Forgive me for venting, but no one else would understand the devastation I feel right now unless they're a part of the community.

I'm going to continue to hunt for back up and hopefully they are in some cranny I've not explored yet.

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