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Ummm, okay so I've done these but I really didn't do much of the hard work. But as it says on the tin Nouk_Ghani skinnies, Converted by Callie and proper morphs done by Aquilegia. ( insert a pause here) Chucks added by me to AF/TF version and TF versions textured referenced  by CuriousB. Speaking of CuriousB the downloads is there. I just wanted to put it here ( mainly 'cause she told me to ;))

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**JaRo_KneeSkirt_MS (D)**

pumps || wedges

black – charcoal – dark gray – espresso – light gray

A quick heads up, the boots had a crack in the back, I fixed up and I put it back up. NL _CoatBoots_Fixed

Today I've come with a few pieces that don't go together in any sense really, but I did see a theme of old time style in these, hence the name.

bunch of pics and downloads )

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bunhead made the most gorgeous dressed based on Mad Men, and my comments ended in my making these separates. I was going to mangle the skirt for my own use any way, and I was looking for a cute top to go with it. So it was a win/win situation for us both. If you are into vintage clothing or just outright gorgeous stuff you should drop by bunheads buns and sims

Bunhead posted the most amazingly, jaw dopping recolors over @ her LJ

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It's finally done !!!

A quick heads up: I uploaded the fixed mesh for the pjs/undies & correct texture files for knit dress+stompyboots.
So sorry :(

Pics & Downloads this way )

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I'm sorry guys, I thought I'd checked and double checked, but it seems that I uploaded the incorrect mesh for the shorty pajamas and the wrong texture files for the Knit Dress stompy boots.

You can get the updated files here:

shorty pjs || knit dress+stompy boots

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