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I'm still here, just bogged down with school. I do have some stuff I'm working on, as soon as I get some free time to finish up and take some pictures.
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I'm doing my annual viewing of all 3 LOTR movies, this time on my flat screen tv in 1080p, and this movie fucking rocks. I have to say Liv Tyler as Arewen is just spot on. I've always thought she was gorgeous but the scene where the wraiths are chasing her and Frodo literally sends me into a panic attack even though I know she's going to make it to safety.

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Zerodark at GoS made some gorgeous recolors of the lovely Pennington set by Tinhouse at BlackPearlSims and then posted a Request to have a single bed slaved to the double bed, and for some odd beat myself up reason I offered to make it with the guidance of MustLuvCats, between her and CuriousB I bring you the Pennington Single bed, or rather a link to it and the already awesome CiJ thread at GoS. If you haven't gone, go NOW!!! There is so much amazing over there.
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I managed to get a Google+ invite and I can send out invitations, so if you want one you can comment, but since it needs to be emailed to you I'd suggest sending me a private message with you email address. Once you get the invite let me know and I'll delete the message with your email address.

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I just finished my last assignment for this quarter, I only have 2 tests and I'm done for about 2 weeks. Sooooo what does that mean? I installed all the Sims 2 games, eps & sp on the new computer, all I have to say is YESSSSSSS!!!!!! I have pretty graphics now. ( Not on Yuxi's level yet, though) Seriously, I have never seen some of the effects in my game until tonight, and my game hasn't ever been this smooth even with no CC.

I have a few pics to show off, I had more but I forgot to fix the screenshot setting, and I forgot about Gadwin until a few minutes ago. I'll get it together.

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