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Whining under the cut, sorry to clutter people's f-list with this but I feel bad about not saying anything

I've been really quiet on the sims front because my hand is almost unusable. Then to compound that I fell and landed on my hands and it bent the wrist and hand almost double, luckily because it hasn't a very hard fall I just sprained it again (2nd degree) but the xrays concerned the ER docs enough that they referred me to completely different Orthopedic specialist, apparently the lack of healing of the hand/wrist caused quite a bit of concern and even though they tried to downplay it surgery was mentioned twice. I have the appointment on Tuesday. The first one stopped PT after 2 weeks, saying that it should naturally heal from that as long I take it easy.

I've already been battling severe depression over the whole thing, because no one really understands how much meshing and simming mean to me. I've been going to therapy(mental health) for about 4 weeks now and although he says that losing the ability to enjoy or participate in an hobby can be upsetting, I can tell he doesn't get how much of my life I have spent with the sims and the impact it has had on me, my life and sanity.


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