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Scaphiod or carpal bone isn't broken, just severely bruised, the sprain is a 3rd degree sprain which is what caused the chipped bones in the wrist. So of course, I got the whole rest, ice, compress, and elevate speech. Also the splint done by the ER, was left on too long and applying pressure to the wrong places as well. Not their fault, but other specialists who were being craptasic with scheduling, and billing, and crazy insurance mix ups.

No cast, just a very complicated brace.  The doctor says that I can slowly return to normal activities in 3-4 weeks, unless the wrist pain gets worse, at that point I have to go back for further testing. Which means, that in a few weeks I can start back meshing if I behave, and do hand stretches and rest my wrist as much as possible.

But....there's always one of those, my jobs just started mandatory OT which means instead of 4 10 hr shifts I'm normally scheduled for, I will now work 4 or 5 10 hr shifts or 4 10 hr shifts and 2 5 hr shifts. Yay to catch up on bills, but boo for catching up on Simming.

My BTO people are first on the list, thank you guys for being awesome and understanding.

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