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under the cut you'll find the technical details and download links, thanks for you patience <3

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For the July theme of Maxis Match and Similsh, I couldn't resist sharing these, we'd started on these before I got hurt and I was going to just hold on to them for a big post, but why do that.

So go check out the thread there's already some great stuff there.

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I hurt my right hand/wrist last week, after a couple of Doctor visits and a trip to the ER, I found out my hand is fractured in 2 places and my wrist severely sprained.Which means simming or rather creation is out 6-8 weeks. Tomorrow when I feel better Ill officially withdraw from all events and the like. Theres a really pretty picture of the cadt on my tumblr. I apologize to everyone that I've promised stuff too. To my tradees I'll still make the gifts it will just be quite late. As soon as I can I'll post the link to those dresses.

Nymphy, you can also post the shoe requedt on GoS at that time if you like.
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Firstly, thanks everyone that commented. I'm going to release the meshes in the wild once I do the shoe edits, but that will be in a couple of weeks, have lots to finish up for some events that I'm working on and the clocking is ticking very loudly.

Again nymphy put in some shoe swap requests

for these shoes to be swapped:

Oh the first, Stradlin's boots (Needle's version though)

On the second, Yuxi's Epsilon sneakers

On the third, Sentate's soho boots

I know how to make multi shoe meshes pretty well, so if anyone else wants swaps now is the time to say so, and if you could be as kind as to post links like she did that'd be awesome. :)

Again you all made me feel so much better.

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