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digitaldollies ([personal profile] digitaldollies) wrote2011-01-15 01:29 am
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I only have a few things to ask of anyone using anything I make
1. Credit back a link to here, or my profile on any site/forum I'm active in is cool. Also credit anyone who's stuff I use, I usually try to right in the file name unless it's something unique to that person and everyone knows it's theirs. I still link to them, so please do the same.

2. And super duper important: NO PAYSITES EVER !!! I can't stress that enough, my stuff isn't all that great but the very thought of my stuff being on a paysite makes me ill. Besides everyone knows when people do something that stupid; you will just be ridiculed and that's so not fun.

3. I do take requests quite often, usually for swapping out shoes and franken-meshing, You can always comment on something I put up and asking for different shoes or something like that. If it's obscure please do provide links.  If it's just a random request you can put a comment on the request in the request post that I plan on opening. Just be aware that I have a real life and sometimes it gets in the way of my simming. I'll put the the guidelines of the requesting there.