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Whining under the cut, sorry to clutter people's f-list with this but I feel bad about not saying anything

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THE CAST IS OFF!!!!!! But I got the brace back on 4 more weeks, and PT for 6 weeks. But I’m getting to close to being ready to start being able to do anything beyond moaning and  mooning about not being able to properly Sim. It's still pretty sore, but I'm so glad to have that cast off, and the doc says once the swelling goes down, some of the pain will go away too.
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I hurt my right hand/wrist last week, after a couple of Doctor visits and a trip to the ER, I found out my hand is fractured in 2 places and my wrist severely sprained.Which means simming or rather creation is out 6-8 weeks. Tomorrow when I feel better Ill officially withdraw from all events and the like. Theres a really pretty picture of the cadt on my tumblr. I apologize to everyone that I've promised stuff too. To my tradees I'll still make the gifts it will just be quite late. As soon as I can I'll post the link to those dresses.

Nymphy, you can also post the shoe requedt on GoS at that time if you like.

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