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The kind SIMTARTS let me know that DtS low chucks wasn't working in her game. A few head scratches and simpe operations led to me discovering that in my hurry to bring you the smoochy goodness I switched the names of the low chucks version and the blockfeet bow version. Thanks again for letting me know.

I'm putting the corrected files back up as I type on MF and you can grab them again from that entry .

And here's the promised virtual cookies

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UPDATED 1-7-2011

I'm so sorry to everyone that downloaded the dresses prior to 1/7/2011. Thanks to simtarts I found out the I had switched the names of 2 of the sets: low chucks and bow blockfeet.
I updated the individual files as well as the file with them all inside.

A while back I filled a request to put block feet on the AL Party dress, while I was at it I realized that it was a cute little dress. Me being me, I had to snatch off the bow and put chucks on it as well as Amaryll's flats. At that point the project kinda got shelved, then when I was cleaning off my desktop I found it and asked if someone would recolor the dresses. Lillany volunteered, but she was having PC problems at that time so a while went by and then I got these gorgeous recolors in my inbox. When I looked at the pictures I saw that I needed to clean up the meshes a little better, and hey why not add a preg morph. After an intense milkshape session and lots of help from the Show Your Creations thread at GOS . I managed to come up with a pregmorph on the dresses with low chucks and Amaryll's flats. I do plan on offering a default replacement of the game's maternity mesh. I don't know how long it will take, and I wanted to get these up, before I forgot them again :)

Credits to EAxis for the original mesh and the chucks, Amaryll for the flats and Lillany for the stunning textures, swatch and better pictures than mine. :)


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